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School in La Alegria Community: Phase 1 Completed

SANTA CRUZ, BOLIVIA – HATN and our partners at MANOS Bolivia are very proud to announce that the first phase of the school construction in Santa Cruz, Bolivia is now officially complete.  The four classrooms will serve hundreds of students when they begin their new school year in February, 2013.

In May 2012, construction began in the town of La Alegria, located just outside of Bolivia’s largest city of Santa Cruz. Side by side, the MANOS Bolivia volunteers and the community members started work on these classrooms. The support from parents, teachers and students was amazing; they were incredibly grateful for the investment in their town.

The classrooms the children were using previously were old, cramped, had crumbling walls and leaking roofs. The building had been used as a stable to keep animals and was not suitable for learning. But it was the only opportunity for the children to attend school in the neighbourhood. The other alternative was for parents to send their children on buses to nearby communities, constantly worrying if their child would get lost or fall asleep on the ride.

These new classrooms will provide a healthy, clean and safe environment for children to attend school. It will also allow more children to enroll in the local school, rather than in the city, easing worry for their parents.

Thanks to the support of HATN, these classrooms are a model for other communities. In fact, shortly after construction was complete, the government has agreed to fund salaries for four full-time teachers, taking the burden off of the parents who were paying out of pocket for the staff.

Construction will continue in 2013 with Phase 2, adding at least four more classrooms. Our ultimate goal is to complete a full school with 20 rooms for use by hundreds of students.

Thank you for supporting HATN and La Alegria, Bolivia.

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