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Financial Information

Hands Across the Nations is a financially efficient charitable organization with low administrative costs. By keeping our administrative costs low, we are able to keep more funds available for delivering on our mission. Contributions are received from individual and corporate donors, as well as from highly successful fundraising events.





Key benchmarks we use for assessing our financial effectiveness include:

Operating costs:

Operating costs: We seek to ensure that our operating costs consistently comprise less than 10% of total expenditures. Over the last 5 years, our actual metric is 9.0%.

Fundraising revenue:

Fundraising revenue: We seek to ensure that our fundraising revenues consistently exceed our fundraising expenses by more than 2.5 times. Over the last 5 years our actual metric is 2.5 times.


Restricted Giving Policy: On occasion, a contributor to HATN may express a desire that their gift be deployed in undertaking a certain project or activity (e.g, to fund children’s education) within the broader scope of HATN’s charitable mandate. For any such gifts (“designated contributions”), HATN will seek to use the subject contributions only for the expressed wish, and our financial systems include a tracking of internally-earmarked funds to achieve this. For various reasons, however, HATN cannot and does not commit to use such funds only for the contributor’s desired purpose. For instance, funds contributed toward undertaking a given project may prove surplus to what is needed in carrying out that project, or it may be that the project itself simply cannot be completed. HATN thus reserves the right to deploy all contributions it receives in any manner consistent with its charitable mandate. Additionally, HATN declines contributions that might give rise to a special purpose trust, unless that contribution is subject to a written gift agreement that has been established with HATN in advance.


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