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Among the poorest countries of the world, Mali is a landlocked country located in West Africa. The north-western region of Mali extends into the Sahara desert and is almost entirely arid. This makes it difficult for 80% of Mali’s population to access clean drinking water. The majority of Mali’s 11 million people live along the area irrigated by the Niger River.

Undernourishment and limited access to safe drinking water are two of the issues faced by the Malian people. The life expectancy of 45 years is dramatically skewed by a high infant mortality rate, usually caused by preventable illness, such as Malaria, malnutrition, gastroenteritis and those associated with poor sanitation practices and unsafe water.

Hands Across the Nations works in the village of Mana, located about 100km south of the capital city of Bamako. This village is largely comprised of subsistence farmers. HATN has been hard at work in this community, developing its health services and safe water access.

HATN’s Illness Prevention and Health Education Project provides the materials and knowledge needed to combat preventable illnesses in Mana. In August 2008, HATN was proud to host the opening of the Community Health Centre in Mana. This health centre serves over 5,000 people and has a full-time doctor, nurse and pharmacist providing health care, vaccinations and education for the community.

Hands Across the Nations continues to work with community leaders to improve the quality of life for villagers in Mana.

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